La Bicicleta Trio
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"Los Puentes de Berlín"

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La Bicicleta: The shorter way between Berlin and Buenos Aires

Tango progresivo - this is a new musical language Trio "La Bicicleta" have found to express the essence of their Music. The voice of Tango (bandoneon), the heart (piano) and it's soul (violin) melt into a stunning performance.

Celebrated in many concerts, La Bicicleta have developed a style of convincing intensity and refinement, both subtle aswell as powerful. A style that carries the fever of the Argentinian Milongas (Tango-Balls) into every concert hall.

Among the very deep roots of traditional Tango, you will recognize elements of classical, jazz, latin music and even...

... you better listen for yourself!

Judith Brandenburg (bandoneon)

Bandoneon and Piano player, composer and arranger. She studied piano in Berlin and Bremen, after that, Tango at the Hogeschool voor Muziek in Rotterdam, where Karel Kraayenhof, Leo Vervelde and Gustavo Beytelmann were her teachers. She plays among others with „Duo Mieres–Brandenburg“ and Compañía Flamenca "Dulce amargo", and arranges and composes music for film and theater, e.g. an adaption of Mozart’s Don Giovanni for solo bandoneon. In 2006 she founded the Orquesta de Tango "Qué Tangazo!".

Carolina Mazalesky (violin)

She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and studied at the „Conservatorio Carlos Lopez Buchardo" in Buenos Aires. She was Concertmaster of the Symphonic National Orchestra of Paraguay, the Orchestra at the "Universidad del Norte" of Paraguay and the Symphonic Orchestra General San Martín of Buenos Aires. She gave solo concerts with several orchestras and was member of the Academic Orchestra at "Teatro Colón and the Orquesta Escuela de Tango", in Buenos Aires. Since 2008 she lives in Berlin and studies Violin at the Universität der Künste. She is also member of the Orquesta de Tango "Qué Tangazo!".

Javier Tucat Moreno (piano)

Pianist, composer and arranger, he was born in 1973 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Seeking for cultural and musical interchange he moved to Berlin in 2000. Among the trio “La Bicicleta”, he plays with the tango orchestra "Qué Tangazo!" and the "Cantango Berlin" ensemble. He studied piano and chamber music at the "Juan José Castro" Conservatory of Music from Buenos Aires, composition, piano and arrangements in tango style with Beba Pugliese, Alfredo Otero and Aldo Antognazzi. His style as pianist and composer has the big musical and rhythmical influences of Argentinean tango and folklore.

Track N.1 "Los Puentes de Berlín" (Judith Brandenburg)
  from the new CD Tango progresivo to Download!

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